Welcome to Nan Hai Corporation Limited!

    Dadi Cinema
    Up to December 31, 2016
    350 cinemas, massive increase
    1,911 screens, operating in 28 provinces and 164 cities
    73,250,000 film viewers, maked another record high
    RMB 2.24 billion box office revenue in 2016, ranking second in China


    Three-dimensional marketing and service network integrating
    direction personal selling, on-line sales and channel agent
    Dual platform system: one-stop internet basic service
    platform and enterprise e-commerce cloud platform
    CE-Dongli has served more than 40 major industries
    and more than 1000 subdivided industries.
    Xinnet has provided internet basic application service for
    lots of enterprises and public institutions and individual users.


    “The Peninsula” is one of Shenzhen’s largest high-end residences and commercial complexes, with total site area of nearly 300,000 m2, and building area of more than 1,000,000 m2.
    “The Free Man Garden” is the first subway grassland ecological building in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, with total site area of nearly 660,000 m2 and building area of more than 1,500,000 m2. There is the large greenbelt center grassland with more than 100,000 m2 inside the community. The overall greening rate is up to 52.6%. The area of independent landscape cluster inside the community is more than 200,000 m2.

  • New Business Development

    In 2015, Dadi Catering (HK) Limited, highlighting healthy, innovative, and memorable light dining experience, was founded.
    In 2015, Nanhai Corporation Limited signed a contract to acquire 70% shares of Crabtree & Evelyn, an internationally renowned skincare brand. Crabtree & Evelyn's products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide with more than 4,000 sales outlets.
    The website of "HK01" was formally launched on January 11, 2016; the weekly news was released the first issue on March 11, 2016.

  • CSR

    By focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we give back to society with loving heart.