Figures and Strength

As at 31 December 2020, Dadi Cinema Group has an aggregate of 449 cinemas with 2,828 screens operating in 29 provinces (autonomous regions,

municipalities) and 182 cities across China.


In 2020, Dadi Cinema Group achieved total box office revenue of 958 million, contributed to approximately 6.6% of the national box office revenue, with the admission of audiences of approximately 27.56 million, maintaining its No. 2 in ranking among cinema investment and management companies throughout China.

  • 449 cinemas
  • 2828 screens
  • 29 provinces
  • 182 cities

Dadi Distribution

Dadi Cinema Group, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dadi Media, established in 2006 and is responsible for regular cinema management and operation.


Dadi Cinema Group who is the first one that puts forward the concept of “Movie +” which is widely concerned by the movie industry and multiple media, emphasizing on movie culture group in-depth operation and various experiential cinema ecospheres setting up, such as “Movie + Creative Internet”, “Movie + Creative Retail” and “Movie + Creative Catering”.


Dadi Cinema Group is dedicated to viewing experience improvement and high-quality projection technology application. The giant laser screen “star max” which is owned by Dadi Cinema Group was launched in Hangzhou Xiasha Yintai shopping mall in May 2016 and its overall level of projection equipment quality and movie-watching experience surpasses international standard. It is expected that 100 star max theaters will be established across the country in 2018.


In 2016, “Movie + Innovative Culture” segment was added to the “Movie +” strategy to upgrade the film screening zone into a cultural and entertainment interactive platform. And the audience can enjoy more types of performance through new operation modes, such as “music live show” and “stage play”. There were nine concerts held in Hangzhou, Hefei, Tianjin and Xiamen to attempt new business mode of “Music Live Show in movie theaters” and draw a blueprint for a larger and standardized commercial performance system. And “Music Me Live Show” was officially launched in March 2018. Ten popular cities across China will be chosen to hold hundreds of music performances orderly in the second half of 2018. More innovations will also be added to the “Movie+” strategy in the future.


In January 2017, Dadi Cinema Group acquired all the cinemas of OSGH in mainland China for RMB3.387 billion, which optimized the strategic layout and improved business efficiency through resource integration.


Dadi Cinema Group has become an all-round commercial service company targeted on movie culture based on its standard brand chain operation, standard information construction and high-quality customer-oriented service over the past ten years. In the future, Dadi Cinema will build the experiential ecosystem with various business modes and integrate the diversified movie culture into mass consumption.