Dadi Distribution

Dadi Cinema (HK) Limited with its subsidiary Dadi Century Film Distribution (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Dadi Distribution” for short), has been adhering to be China’s the strongest content distribution enterprise, and to create content-based high-quality movie production and distribution platform.

Dadi Distribution has shot and distributed some high-quality Chinese movies, such as Confucius, Echoes of the Rainbow, The Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011, Fake Fiction, Mobfix Patrol, To the Fore, etc. in the leading or cooperative manner. With the profound culture background as basis and the contents with full positive energy as core, Dadi Distribution won wide recognition and good reputation. 

Dadi Distribution enhances its professional self-distribution ability and expands its foreign cooperation actively. In 2014, Dadi Distribution, together with Wanda Pictures, Jinyi Cinemas and Hengdian Cinema, invested in establishing Wuzhou Film Distribution Co., Ltd. to perform in-depth industrial cooperation in the resources integration of the distribution business. Since its inception, Wuzhou Film Distribution has distributed some popular movies, such as Go Away Mr. Tumour, Goodbye Mr. Loser, etc. 

In future, based on its profound cultural foundation, Dadi Distribution will dig high-quality, positive product contents to provide more, better movies for Chinese movie audience.