Innovative Business

The rapid economic growth of China has led to changes in consumption behavior, i.e. shifting from consumption of consumer goods to culture. Nan Hai Corporation Limited follows such trend and is committed to providing a new way of life for the quality consumer groups in China,and sets up Dadi Innovation.

In 2015, the corporation launched “movie+” strategy, aiming at taking the “film cultural group” accumulated by Dadi Cinema for several years as the core, making innovation and breakthroughs, integrating all parties’ resources, strengthening cross-border cooperation,  thus striving to forge experience-based cinema ecosystem with multi-format operations, such as “film + innovative retailing”, film + innovative Internet” and etc., operating “film cultural group” with profundity and exploring the consumption potential of “quality life” across the board. Under the strategy of “movie+” of Dadi Cinema, retail and Internet will be included in the ecosystem of its cinemas.

At the same time, Nan Hai Corporation Limited commits itself to be a forerunner in innovative life. On the basis of meeting the needs of China’s quality consumer group, Nan Hai Corporation Limited fully penetrates the values of Dadi into the various elements of innovative life.