Figures and Strength

As at 31 December 2020, Oristar provided services for approximately 1,947 cinemas, covering approximately 12,500 halls in 31 provinces across China.

  • 1947 余家影城服务
  • 12500 个影厅
  • 31 个省

Oristar Technology

Oristar has been propelling China’s movie theater industry innovation since its foundation in 2009. Oristar specializes in cinema technology R&D, system integration and cinema software solutions.


With a decade’s development and focus on the cinema industry, Oristar is not only a witness to the rapid growth of China movie market, but also a leading innovator for it. Oristar provides one-stop total solution and focus on high-quality projection service and smart cloud platform, which aims to meet cinemas’ overall needs in their marketing, operation and technical services and build up data platform for cinema development and scene marketing.


Oristar keeps the commitment of “bringing technologies that keep the movie industry moving” and develops new technologies into the market. Besides, Oristar is among the only seven licensed ticketing software companies in China. As one of the pioneers of cinema technical solutions, Oristar introduced the first media block of digital cinema projector in China that met the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specifications, and up to now remains the only Chinese innovator of 2K MB and 4K-IMB media blocks that meet this specifications.


Oristar is also a global leader in laser projection R&D: we became one of the leader level members of Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) in 2016, and is the first and only Chinese member; in 2017, Oristar and Christie, the leading cinema projector manufacturer, started a strategic partnership, meanwhile we also established a laser R&D center in Beijing. And in this year, Oristar introduced the latest version 2.0 of a 6P speckle-less laser source, well integrated with advanced TMS and NOC system.


Besides its leading position in cinema software and visual technology, Oristar also has expertise in cinema audio systems. We represent the U.S. top end speaker, Klipsch, also well-known as “King of horn speakers”, cinema audio systems in China market in 2015. Oristar became the first and only service provider in China film industry in 2017, which obtains ISO20000 information technology service management certification, further strengthening its capability of providing high-quality, professional and long-term service for cinemas. The innovative strength of jinxing technology has also been highly recognized by the government. As a high-tech enterprise, Oristar awards multiple special fund supports and wins the honors such as "Second Prize of 2015 National Film Technology Application Award and Second Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award" and "2017 Excellent Supplier of Cinema Screening Equipment".