Enterprise Cloud Services

Sino-i's main business is enterprise cloud services, which provide a full range of Internet basic services, e-commerce and information application services and overall solutions for SMEs and individual customers in China. The major enterprises of Sino-i include CE Dongli Technology Company Limited and Beijing Xinnet Cyber Information Company Limited and etc.

CE Dongli Technology Company Limited (“CE Dongli”) is committed to helping each enterprise achieve digital intelligent operation. The services provided by CE Dongli can effectively solve  the whole life cycle service of “Digital Marketing → Digitalization of Transaction → Digitalization of Customer Operation” in the digital operation of enterprises under Internet-based environment. These can also help enterprises to improve their operation results with lower cost, higher efficiency and faster response. At present, CE Dongli has 80 branches in China and employs more than 8,000 people. By 2017, it has served 1.2 million+ corporate customers in nearly 100 sub-sectors of 14 major industries including manufacturing, service, IT Internet, construction and real estate, foreign trade, logistics and retail.

Beijing Xinnet Cyber Information Company Limited (“Xinnet”) mainly provides Internet basic services to Chinese SMEs through online direct sales and widespread distributions agency throughout the country. The Xinnet has established a “trinity” service network system including online platform, offline channel and call center to provide customers with efficient and easy-to-use Internet basic products and application services. The core business covers domain name registration, virtual host, and corporate communications and various business operations and management services based on SaaS. Xinnet has spread all over the country and has provided services to more than 1 million enterprises, institutions and individual users.

Both CE Dongli and Xinnet have a major market share in the website construction, virtual host, and enterprise mailbox market. The international and Chinese domain name holdings and net increase of Xinnet rank among the top three in China, and the DNS resolution comes out in front in China.

In the past more than ten years, Sino-i has successfully established the most powerful three-dimensional marketing channel and service network in the industry, integrating direct selling, online sales, and distributions agency. A two-platform service system combining the one-stop Internet basic service platform and the enterprise e-commerce cloud platform was built, and a large number of SME customer resources with great development potential were accumulated.

With the deep integration between the Internet and traditional industries and the widespread adoption of personal Internet applications, the next decade will be the golden decade of enterprise-class Internet applications. Faced with this historical opportunity, China Digital will dedicated to building an ecosystem of China's SME Internet application industry, and becoming a new force to promote China's industrial transformation and upgrading with IT technology rely on its strong resource advantages, core capabilities and rich operational experience accumulated in the enterprise market.

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