Mission: Change the world with wisdom and heart

  • Forward-looking

  • Open

  • Professional

  • Efficient

  • Communication and Cooperation

  • Embrace change

Code of Conduct--Four Nos

  • No buck-passing

    Make clear of the responsibilities and deal with problems actively

  • No being a megaphone

    Deliver the information accurately instead of simply passing on

  • No obscurity

    Keep the sensitivity of your eyes and ears, and think forward

  • No being rabbits or wolfs

    Rabbits refer to employees who make little contribution to the company but always spread gossips and negative energy to others. Wolfs refer to those who are not disciplined and pay no respect the corporate culture. They do not cooperate with colleagues and only pay attention to the results.

The Group holds regularly birthday parties, festival-themed activities, parties for employees transferring to be official staffs, employees’ sharing sessions, team building activities, spring tours, annual meeting and etc., to create a pleasant and harmonious working atmosphere, relax employees, relieve their work stress and improve their spiritual enjoyment. In addition, according to needs of employees, we hold regular professional trainings and skill trainings to improve their working ability from different perspectives.

  • Spring Trip

  • Annual Dinner

  • Team Building and Development

  • Professional Training