Public Welfare

The Group actively participates in public welfare activities. The subsidiaries of segments carry out various charitable activities based on their own business characteristics. The Group has actively contributed to the community and the society by charitable donation, volunteer services and promotion of community culture.

  • Case 1: HK01 engages in building a harmonious community
    In November 2017, HK01 became a digital media partner of the event “Get Redressed x Miele Clothing Drive 2017” (Get Redressed x Miele ). It placed recycling bins at the restaurant “01 Space” in Wan Chai and the office in the Octagon to encourage the public and employees to donate unwanted secondhand clothing. On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival in 2017, HK01 and the Junior Chamber International Harbour visited a nursing home in the Tsuen Wan District. During the visit, they held a charity event of sending rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival and played interactive games, showing their care for the elderly in the community.
  • Case 2: CE micro public welfare
    CE Dongli has consistently adhered to the “Management measures on donation of micro public welfare activities of CE Dongli” to manage the donations from employees and within the Company, as well as actively organized micro public welfare activities. On July 26th, 2017, CE Dongli’s employees participated in the event “Warm heart station” organized by the community service center in Shantou , to make wishes of children in the community come true. The company’s employees have donated books to the children, played games and drew a wish tree together and sent little gifts to them, which made the children deeply feel the care from the society. In 2017, the Group made charitable donation amounting to approximately HK$180,000.