Figures and Strength

Xinnet continued its internet-based services, such as domain name registration business, cloud computing business and synergistic communication business, and actively developed various applications and value-added services for SMEs through online direct sales and distributor channels established across the PRC. In June 2016, Xinnet launched “Global Mail”, a strategic email product, which maintained the performance advantage of Xinnet corporate email and focused on optimizing the experience of mobile office, striving to making it the sharpest solution for office operation. In addition, Xinnet launched cloud hosting products with focus on cloud computing, and established platforms for websites construction in the second half of 2016, offering convenient services to SMEs for their own websites setup. In December 2016, Xinnet launched digital asset hosting services designated for group companies and large internet enterprises. Xinnet has entered into contracts with well-known enterprises, reflecting that its services have gained general attention and recognition in the industry.


Xinnet Technology Information Company Limited (“Xinnet” for short, was founded in 1993. Since its inception, Xinnet has built “three-in-one” service network system including on-line platform, off-line channel and call center, which provides high-efficient, easy-to-use internet basic products and application services. Its core businesses cover domain name registration, cloud computing, corporate communications, and SaaS-based enterprise operations and management services.
In 1999, Xinnet firstly launched on-line domain name registration service, and obtained the authorization of international domain name and IP Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (ICANN) to be China’s first ICANN-certified domain name registrar (IANA ID: 120), and took the lead in launching domain name registration and management service of Chinese interface. In 2000, Xinnet was awarded the qualification authentication of domain name registrar by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). In 2003, globally first successfully-registered .cn domain name was born in Xinnet. Xinnet has been awarded with the Gold Registrar by CNNIC for many consecutive years. Additionally, Xinnet was awarded with “Excellent Informationalized Service Provider”, “Top 10 Enterprise Mailbox Recommended Brands”, “China Internet Basic Services Best Channel”, “Domain Name Registration Star”, “E-mail Industry Development Innovation Award”, etc. by related authorities.
In 2012, Xinnet’s one-stop network marketing platform was launched. Xinnet launches various new services, such as “Cloud Virtual Host”, “Cloud Server”, “Chiyun Server”, “Domain Name Transaction”, etc. Moreover, Xinnet also increases R&D investment in the cloud computing, with view to providing perfect high-quality infrastructure service for the enterprise customers.
In 2013, Xinnet was incorporated into Sino-i through the framework agreement. Xinnet continued to perform such businesses as domain name registration, cloud computing, synergetic communication, etc., and expanded various applications and value-added products. In the domain name registration, Xinnet introduced new top-level domain products. In the synergetic communication, Xinnet promoted the renewal rate through improving its service.
With the corporate spirit of “Responsibility, Progress, Cooperation, Win-win” and the concept of “Customer Orientation”, Xinnet has provided high-quality products and high-efficient operation services for users.