Focused on talent cultivation and accumulation, we put forward the concept of “three trainings” and long-term plans. The “three trainings” refers to “training knowledge, cultivating ability, and accompanying growth”. Its concept is also the vital talent training concept of Nan Hai Corporation Limited. It is a kind of human capital discovery and development mechanism, which reflects the long-term win-win partnership spirit and is an important support for the sustainable development of enterprises.


From short-term to the long, we will focus on the needs of talents at different stages of growth, and provide career development opportunities and fast-track opportunities for all types of talents in the form of training, training, and companionship to help them grow and achieve a sense of accomplishment in actual combat. Nan Hai Corporation Limited hopes to attract more young people who agree with corporate values, young, open, passionate about work, with strong learning and development potential.

【The accompany growth of talents】

We strive to match employee abilities and task requirements, and help them better accomplish or more broadly undertake work tasks through the precipitation and transfer of knowledge and skills.

【Talent cultivation】

We work to discover the potential of employees, and help them grow rapidly in actual combat by providing diverse training methods and career opportunities.

【Talent training】

We committed to the long-term growth of employees, and use the internal and external resources and development opportunities of the company to achieve mutual achievement and common growth between employees and the company.

We advocate occupational and professional spirit and professional enthusiasm to help employees develop good professional quality, business habits and work mentality; we committed to provide employees with competitive compensation and benefits, as well as opportunities for personal growth and career development.