Now, great changes has taken place in media industry around the world. The Internet giants have become the leaders by gradually grabbing the audiences of traditional media. In face of the seriously customer lost and widespread line dilemma, the traditional media have been regarded as the sunset industry and are not favored and chased by capital. However, Dadi News Media (HK) Limited (Dadi News Media) believes that the true core of the media is not its means and form, but the values, pursuits and ideals behind it, as well as contents with unique characteristics, which are the missing elements in the media industry today. Adhering to the company's long-standing philosophy of investing in the promotion of the smart industry, Dadi News Media is committed to creating a new media that can fully utilize its social role and contribute to social reform and progress through its own ideas and beliefs.

Dadi News Media's business includes HK01 and Duowei Media. The advent of HK01 has make up for the lack of internet lifestyle platform business here in Hong Kong, which has seen monumental progresses  from zero to one. Its website was launched on January 11, 2016, and the weekly newspaper was published since March 11, 2016. At present, the website, weekly newspaper and physical space have all been available in 2016. As the first initiative and trinity media in Hong Kong, “Hong Kong 01” will serve the readers in all aspects.

Websites, weekly newspapers and physical space are three different and interactive media platforms, providing in-depth analysis of current events as well as social and life issues, from new to life, both online and off-line. Among them, the weekly newspaper will carry the core idea of the media, continue the key topics of the website, and is suitable for in-depth reading; the website will organically and strategically deliver the story of Hong Kong in flexible and diversified ways, including radio and video. Space, a venue for face-to-face contact with readers, provides a way to connect with opinion leaders in different areas of the society, interact with readers, and deepen the exchange of weekly issues and various topics on the website by various and regular activities, including speeches, salons, exhibitions, performances, workshops, fairs.

HK01 is open and inclusive. It works to express opinions, stimulate discussion and spread on various social issues according to its own beliefs and hopes the beliefs can actively promote social reform and progress. Hong Kong-based HK 01” will provide readers with another way of thinking on Hong Kong people points of view. With a positive and rational attitude, we will determine Hong Kong's core values, unique status and advantages, and open up a new broad vision for future development.