• 『 Social Recruitment 』

    —— Welcome to Nan Hai. Careers are waiting for you

    Nan Hai provides a broader platform and quality talent training program, and regards each employee as a partner of the company growing together.

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  • 『 Campus Recruiting 』

    ——Work together to change the world

    No matter where you are from, whether you are an intern or a graduate, joining Nan Hai Corporation Limited, you will embrace system training, personality development and meticulous care to reach your full potential.

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  • 『 Management Trainees Plan 』

    ——You change the world

    Nan Hai Corporation's “Dolphin Program” is a global talent development project. It selects excellent talents with innovative spirit and potential for leadership among fresh graduates, and cultivates them to be core backbones in various fields of the company, on the basis of unified talent standards and strict recruitment process.

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