Figures and Strength

Every year, Grow Force invests 20% of its revenue in developing technologies. Staffed with more than 1200 R&D personnel and over 1000 designers nationwide we are well positioned to provide customized services to every customer. Going forward, we will continue deepening solutions for different industries while offering professional and reliable internet management services to corporate customers.

  • 120 万企业客户的共同选择
  • 80 家分公司
  • 1000 设计团队
  • 1200 +研发团队

About Grow Force

There are more than 80 million economic entities in China. An enterprise is born every 3 seconds and died every 10 seconds on average. Every day a multitude of entrepreneurs embark on the road of entrepreneurship. Grow Force is committed to facilitating them to fulfill their dreams.

Grow Force, founded in 1999 and wholly owned by Sino-I Technology Limited(0250.HK), is dedicated to helping every corporate customer realize digitized intelligent operation. In China alone Grow Force has established 80 subsidiaries, hired over 8000 employees. By 2017 we have been serving over 1.2 million corporate customers in close to 100 domains of 14 mainstream industries including manufacturing, service, IT, internet, architecture, real estate, foreign trade, logistics and retail.

The services Grow Force providing can effectively solve issues in the internet environment. We offer a full-cycle service portfolio covering stages of “marketing digitization→transaction digitization→customer operation digitization”, in an effort to improve the performance of customers by reducing cost, improving efficiency and shortening time to response.

Marketing Digitization    
1. Brand display and marketing implementation platform;
2. Cross-platform maintenance to lower labor cost;
3. Integrating several marketing services and product display functions that enterprises need
4. Low-cost and efficient marketing and promotion afford more business opportunities
5. Flexible budget to meet individual needs of enterprises

Transaction Digitization    
1. Independent development of corporate e-commerce platforms;
2. Light apps that meet e-commerce needs.

Customer Operation  Digitization    
1. Scientific business opportunity management to avoid wasting corporate resources;
2. Making it easier for enterprises to keep updated with news of their customers; 
3. Remind and instruct enterprises to enhance customer retention and re-marketing chances.

With vertical-industry solutions based on 19 years' experience of serving corporate customers, Grow Force is capable of providing customized marketing schemes aligned to specific industries to empower enterprises on their road to internetization, so that they are no longer “ignorant, inadequate and irrelevant” in the internet era. So far its solutions for industries including e-commerce, foreign trade, manufacturing, machinery, agriculture, service, home decor and travel have been market-tested and shown good results.

To make our services more accessible, Grow Force has integrated products and industrial solutions into the Grow Force Cloud Platform to offer cloud-based services.

Benefits of Cloud Services:
1.Quick delivery: We deliver faster than most competitions and can sometimes exceed customer expectations;
2.Low cost: We strive to reduce the cost incurred during purchase, usage and maintenance;
3.Customization: We quickly provide customized solutions according to the characteristics of specific industries;
4.Full cycle: We carry out full cycle digitization support by offering marketing solutions and tools based on the current status of customers.