Practicing Environmental Protection

The Group actively mitigates to climate change, promotes green operation, adopts various effective measures to lower energy and resource consumption, realizes energy conservation and emission reduction, and protects the ecology. The Group’s subsidiaries of segments, actively advocating paperless office, adopt OA system and encourage employees to use their best effort to save electricity, water, papers, and office supplies. In this way, the Group strives to minimize the impact its business operations pose to the environment, implements policies on environmental management and energy conservation, and creates a good atmosphere of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Property development is one of the Group’s core business sectors. The Group’s subsidiaries of property segment actively explore the green building sector, design and develop green building products, and share green building experiences with peer corporates. In 2017,  THE PENINSULA Real Estate took the lead in establishing Stereoscopic Greening Committee of Shenzhen Green-Building Association.

  • Case: Actively promoting the development of green buildings industry
    Nan Hai Development designed and developed Phase 7 of “Free Man Garden” with the aim of achieving low-carbon greening as well as energy conservation and environmental protection. The greatest feature of the project is to follow the nature of biological organization in the form of organic integration of space through multi-level network design, maximize the rational use of space, meet the multiple needs of occupants such as living, work, leisure, learning and etc., while reducing resource use. The project also reduces rainwater discharge by conserving water sources through green plants, realizing the ecological cycle of water.