Nan Hai Corporation Limited (“Nan Hai”) includes Dadi Media (HK) Limited and its subsidiaries, Dadi Cinema Investment Limited and its subsidiaries, Oristar Technology (HK) Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively as “Dadi Media”); THE PENINSULA Real Estate (Guangzhou) Investment Corporation Limited and the subsidiaries(hereinafter referred to‘THE PENINSULA Real Estate’); Sino-i Technology Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively as “Sino-i”); Dadi News Media (HK) Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively as “News Media Business”), Dadi Innovation (HK) Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively as “Innovative Business”). The company is engaged in culture and media services, property development, enterprise cloud services, News Media Business and innovative business.

As for culture and media services, in the past ten years, with organic growth and acquisitions as the starting points, Dadi Media gradually extended to the upper reaches of the film industry based on its solid foundation of downstream platform. At present, the scale and ecological advantages of the entire industrial chain enterprise cluster have initially formed, and Dadi Media has become one of the prime leaders of the film industry. Currently, in terms of the numbers of cinemas and screens, admission of audiences and box office revenue, the Group's cinema business has ranked the top two among the cinema investment management companies in China.

As for property development, the subsidiaries include the Peninsula Shenzhen Property Development Co., Ltd.(“The Peninsula”) and  THE PENINSULA Real Estate (Guangzhou) Investment Corporation Limited.( “Free Man Garden”). The property management services are mainly conducted by Shenzhen Peninsula Property Management Co., Ltd.. The sales income of Phase 4 of “The Peninsula”, Nan Hai Development's flagship project, continued to be recognized during the year. As of 31 December 2020, accumulated sales amounted to RMB7,539 million. The sale of Phase 4 was launched on 23 April 2019 with the sell through rate reaching 82% on that day.

As for enterprise cloud services, in the past ten years, Sino-i was committed to the continuous advancement of the corporate digitalization and smart operation of small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) in China. With unremitting efforts, the Group has successfully established outstanding nationwide business and service network in the industry. 

At the same time, the Group increased its investment in the Internet product technology for its businesses of culture and media services, enterprise cloud services, News Media Business and innovative business, resulting in the rapid growth in the number of end users.

In the future, the Group will continue to engage in three main businesses, namely culture and media services, property development and enterprise cloud services. With a focus on the needs of its users, the Group will continue to conduct in-depth business development through the Internet, while adhering to its multi-core business strategies and facilitating resource sharing and strategic synergy in cross-business fields. In addition to creating greater value for its shareholders, the Group will create a number of advanced industrial development platforms, striving to be a first-class diversified industrial investment holding group.

Our History


  • 2017

    Bought-out Orange Sky

    Golden Harvest

    Fully cover the 1st to 4th

    tier markets The Biggest channel scale

    in China

  • 2016

    Dadi Cinema cooperated

    with Alibaba Pictures on

    “Film + Internet Strategic Upgrade ”

    Purchased British skincare brand Crabtree & Evelyn

  • 2015

    “HK01” was established

  • 2014

    Shenzhen Yi Dian

    Properties & Investment Co.,

    Ltd. was established

  • 2012

    property project

    The first phase project of

    “Free Man Garden” was for sale

    and was sold out within 6 months.

  • 2010

    “Free Man Garden”,

    with gross floor area of 1,500,000 m2

    Produced Confucius,

    Echoes of the Rainbow,

    began to produce contents

  • 2009

    Oristar Technology was established

    Equipped with a full set of theater and

    equipment technology

  • 2006

    opened the first Dadi Cinema

    Produced the 1st Chinese digital film

  • 2005

    Flagship project of property segment

    The Peninsula formally laid the foundation

    The property sector develops rapidly

  • 2004

    CE Dongli first launched

    enterprise-level digital commerce

    platform for middle and small-sized enterprises

  • 1999

    CE Dongli Technology Company Limited was formally established

  • 1993

    Xinnet Formally established

  • 1992

    Purchased Dadi Record and moved headquarter to Beijing

  • 1991

    Successfully listed on

    The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

  • 1990

    Formally established