Social Contribution

The Group places emphasis on the harmonious integration of environmental, social and governance(“ESG”) management and day-to-day operations in order to create a sustainable development model. Committed to diversified industry development, we adhere to rational allocation of resources and optimization of asset structure, striving to be the best in culture and media services, property development and enterprise cloud services. We are also tapping into new businesses actively.

The Group will benefit the society with excellent products and services, as well as create more employment opportunities with the ever-growing enterprise platform. More efforts will be made to enhance the satisfaction of stakeholders, such as government, investors, customers, employees and partners. It is our corporate responsibility and unremitting pursuit to make contributions to the sustainable development of society.

  • • CE Dongli won the Best Employer of the Year Award awarded by Zhaopin
  • • CE Dongli won the 2016–2017 Success Enterprise of the Year in IT Market in China awarded by the Annual IT Market Conference
  • • CE Dongli won the “Best Enterprise Digitalized SaaS Product Award in China”awarded by the China SaaS Industry Conference Committee
  • • Xinnet won the Best Cloud Platform Solution Award and Excellent Practice Award for Cloud Computing at the China International Telecommunication Exhibition 2017 organized by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
  • • Dadi Cinema was awarded “2017 China Innovation Cinema Brand” for “Popular China Real Estate Award”
  • Case 1: The movie dream of small town youth
    With the concept of “Let everyone watch movies, and let everyone enjoy good movies”, from the start when building the first cinema, Dadi Cinema has focused on its layout in third-tier, fourth-tier and fifth-tier cities to meet Chinese Small Town Youths’ pursuit for movies and dreams with reasonable ticket price, convenient ticket-buying experience and comfortable movie-viewing feel. With the uprising of “Small Town Youths” in the third-tier and fourth-tier cities, Dadi Cinema comes to its harvest time of its previous strategic layout. Dadi Cinema performs its social responsibilities, and also maintains high-speed growth of various performance indicators.
  • Case 2: The growth power of SMEs
    Sino-i’s mission is to create intelligent Chinese enterprises and smart entrepreneurs through informationized operation. In the corporate spirit of “Responsibility, Diligence, Profession, Innovation”, Sino-i realizes the corporate vision: “any enterprise, regardless of enterprise scale, can easily perform e-commerce and realize informatization management whenever, wherever. ”Over the years, Sino-i has been growing up with SMEs, winning SMEs’ trust and support.
Environmental, social and regulatory reports