NAN HAI Corporation Limited and Sino-I Both Win“Most Valuable Award”

发布时间 :2017-01-12

In 2016 China Financial Market Listed Companies Awards(12 January, 2017 ‐ Hong Kong), NAN HAI Corporation Limited (“NAN HAI”SE stock code: 00680.HK) is awarded the“Most Valuable Award”and “Best Brand Value Award” in the 2016 China Financial Market Listed Companies Awards in Hong Kong Stock Exchange Exhibition Hall,organized by China Financial Market, a renowned financial magazine in Hong Kong. Sino-i (SE stock code: 0250.HK ), a subsidiary company of NAN HAI, is awarded the “Most Valuable Award”as well.
China Financial Market Listed Companies Awards reviews the listed companies based on the standards of transparent main business operation, leading position in the industry, outstanding financial index, completed corporate governance, company honors , media review and so on. The award is committed to evaluate the outstanding listed companies, recognize the performance of listed companies in financial aspect, and indicate the investors the most valuable opportunities. 
In the coming new year, NAN HAI Corporation continues to hold the mission of Industrial investment and creative operation, focuses on three major business segments -culture and media, property development and corporate IT application services. Meanwhile, NAN HAI will greatly expand its new business sectors of creative commerce, content and media operation, constantly improve its intrinsic value and brand image, create more value for stakeholders, and make contributions back to society.