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Integrity and compliance
In the process of creating good business reputation, Nan Hai abides by the belief of “legal compliance”, requires that the employees at all levels must comply with codes of practice, and provides them the ability to run the enterprise according to law. 
For the government, Nan Hai pays taxes by laws and complies with national laws and regulations and governmental supervision rules. For the shareholders, Nan Hai abides by work ethics, maintains the shareholders’ rights and interests, protects medium and small investors’ interests, and standardizes information disclosure. For the customers, Nan Hai protects the customers’ basic rights and interests, respects the customer’s privacy, strictly prohibits the price misleading and fraud, and actively deals with complaints to provide our customers with safe, high-quality products and services. For the employees, Nan Hai complies with the provisions in the labor laws on equal employment, labor remuneration, social insurance, overtime work, paid leave, occupational health safety, etc., creates a sound working environment, and promotes the employees’ career development. For the partners, Nan Hai complies with codes of practice and business ethics, keeps the commercial promise, and performs fair competition. For the suppliers, Nan Hai controls any possible risks caused by the supplier’s damaged goods through checking the supplier’s business license and other qualification certificates. 
Moreover, Nan Hai will promote awareness of integrity and compliance at all aspects, enhance the power of supervision and boost sound and stable development of various businesses.