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Employee Care

Employees are Nan Hai’s most valuable resources and wealth. With the “people-oriented” concept, and the goal of “realizing the common growth of the enterprise and the employees”, Nan Hai actively improves the management in the employees’ protection of the rights and interests, occupational health and spiritual culture.

Nan Hai strictly executes laws, regulations and policies on the labor and employment in the enterprise location, signs the labor contract with the employees by laws, pays the social insurance timely, and standardizes remuneration management to realize the reasonable income increase of the grass-roots employees.

In the principle of “fairness and justice”, Nan Hai recruits and employs according to the quality requirements of the posts, and builds the career platform for each employee. Nan Hai strictly complies with laws and regulations on the labor protection, improves the employees’ working environment and working conditions, and provides equal and competitive salary and welfare and equal career development opportunity for each employee.