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Talent Concept

To change the world with wisdom and heart, net global talents and create the sustained professional manager team, it is our source of power.

With the concept of “Respecting the Employees, Developing the Employees, Accomplishing the Employees”, Nan Hai focuses on the common growth of enterprise value and employee value, gives the employees the opportunities to learn, work and challenge ego, builds the common goal system between the enterprise and the employees, and creates interests community, undertaking community and fate community between the organization and the employees.

Nan Hai will spare no efforts in optimizing the mechanism of selecting, cultivating, employing and retaining the talents. In the recruitment and selection of the talents, Nan Hai focuses on excellent characters, good working habits and future development potential. For the backbone talents, corporate management will give them tutor-like instruction and cultivation, and help them grow up. For the sake of the system safeguard, Nan Hai has established characteristic total reward mechanism.

From the perspective of the strategy and organizational demands, around the construction of talent team, Nan Hai forms differentiated management system according to the different talent groups; boost the employees in key posts to perform multi-post, multi-function, multi-industry experience, optimizes the matching degree of employee and post, employee and team and employee and organization, perfects structure and level of talent team, and maintains passion and vitality of the whole organization.