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New Businesses

Nan Hai Corporation Limited has long been investing in the industries that mainly fall in two categories: one is the category of industries aimed to enhance the intelligence of humans, and the other is those aimed to enhance the intelligence of enterprises; nevertheless, the enhancement of intelligence itself is not the purpose; rather, to make this world where we are living a better place to live, and bring better lives to people is the essence of our ideal. After the successes in culture and media, property development and corporate IT application services, Nan Hai Corporation Limited once again set sail, to continue seeking greater development in the field of culture and consumptions by sticking to the mission to “change the world with wisdom and love”.

After nearly a year of careful planning, in early 2016, " HK01" was launched online, followed by the publishing of " HK01" Weekly, marking that Nan Hai Corporation Limited made an important step in the field of new media. " HK01" is the first initiative-type three-in-one media in Hong Kong, which is intended to provide all-round in-depth analysis of current events, social life and various other issues for readers via the website, weekly paper media, and physical space, the three media platforms which are both varied and interactive, covering content from news to life, from online to offline. Despite its clear value orientation, " HK01" is open and inclusive, and will express their views on various social issues based on their own ideas and beliefs, stimulate discussions and disseminations, hoping that their ideas and beliefs can actively promote social reform and progress. " HK01" will be based in Hong Kong, present readers another way of thinking from the point of view and concerns of Hong Kong people, discover the core values, unique position and advantages of Hong Kong with a positive and rational attitude, and develop a new broad perspective for the future development.

In 2015, through Dadi Cinema, the group initiated the "movie +" strategy, intended to seek breakthrough and innovation, integrate all resources, strengthen cross-trade cooperation, centered on the film culture cluster” accumulated by Dadi Cinema over the years, striving to create multi-format experience oriented cinema ecosystem including " movie + creative retail", "movie + creative dining", "movie+creative internet" and so on, and carry out deep operations of  "film culture cluster”, fully exploit the consumer potentials derived from “quality life”. In the same year, the Group established the Dadi Innovation sector; first, they signed a contract to acquire 70% shares of Crabtree & Evelyn, an internationally renowned skincare brand, while actively exploring in the restaurant business. The business of Dadi Catering will definitely flourish in 2016 as the new restaurant of Dadi Catering located at “The Peninsula” in Shenzhen will commence operation. Driven by the “movie+” strategy of Dadi Cinema, Dadi Catering will kick off its network expansion work and get to the right track for rapid development as soon as possible.