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Operating Performance

Operation revenue(Excluding property sale revenue) *

Unit: HK $100 million

* Due to the periodicities of property sales, the sales revenue listed here does not include property sales revenue. The Group confirmed that the property sales revenue was approximately HK$1.48 billion in 2006, while in 2009 it was HK$3.38 billion. The total property sales revenue from 2010 to 2015 was approximately HK$1.948 billion, while in 2016 it was HK$4.525 billion and HK$9.867 billion in 2017.


Financial indicators

In 2016, business revenue of the Group was up to HK$9.05 billion.
In 2015, business revenue of the Group was up to HK$4.20 billion.

Operating revenue

In 2017, Revenue of the Group increased by 75.7% to HK$15.90 billion (2016: HK$9.05 billion) as compared with last year. Net profit attributable to owners of the Company was HK$1.71 billion (2016: HK$1.36 billion).
In 2016, the Group’s total assets were HK$32.75 billion.
In 2015, the Group’s total assets were HK$17.47 billion.

Total assets

As at December 31 2017, Nan Hai’s total assets were up to HK$46.893 billion (2016: HK$32.747 billion), increased by 43.2% over last year.